Sight Savers National Trachoma Task Force (NTTF)
Since 2014, Sight Savers UK is supporting the implementation of the WHO-endorsed SAFE Strategy to contribute towards making significant progress towards this goal in Ethiopia. The SAFE Strategy includes: Surgery services to prevent blindness; Antibiotic treatment to reduce the incidence of infection; and behavior change interventions to promote Facial Cleanliness and Environmental Improvement to sustain the effects of S&A interventions. The SAFE Strategy is to be carried out as a single, coherent program, in a coordinated manner amongst collaborating agencies and in alignment with FMoH national Trachoma elimination program. As a result of an extensive planning process and in consultation with Ethiopia’s Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH) and members of the National Trachoma Task Force (NTTF) five zones within regions with the highest burden of Trachoma in Ethiopia were prioritized for the DFID-funded Trachoma SAFE Implementation Programme, namely: East Harerge Zone, Oromiya Region; North Wollo Zone, Amhara Region; Southern Zone, Tigray Region; and Hadiya, Sidama Zones and Yem Special District, SNNPR. Collectively, 67 Trachoma-endemic woredas are being supported by the programme through June 2019.Behavior change interventions in support of the Facial Cleanliness and Environmental Improvement (F&E) components followed its own planning process which got underway as of January 2015. Synergy Habesha Films and Communication along with Nala Foundation were communication and community mobilization partners to assisting the NTTF.
Synergy Habesha Media, Communication and Technology
Synergy Habesha Media, Communication and Technology as part of the NTTF is tasked with identifying what it felt would be “game changing” F&E interventions that would accelerate behavior change towards healthy hygiene and sanitation practices (to promote Facial Cleanliness and Environmental Improvement through Media (Factual TV & Radio Programs) and community actions) in support of eliminating blinding Trachoma in DFID-supported regions.

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